Power Yoga: It’s a love-hate relationship!

In the last year, dealing with several chronic pain issues has made me acutely aware of how important flexibility and mobility are in injury rehab and prevention.  With this realization, I decided to start adding more stretching and some short yoga sessions into my weekly rotation.

I started out with some routines from this book…The Athlete's Pocket Guide to Yoga Cover

Which lead me to this DVD…

Now I have to admit, I struggled with this.  If you have ever done yoga, whether you’ve only just dabbled or are close to being a master yogi, you know, IT IS HARD.

It is uncomfortable, it puts you in positions that you know you probably are not anatomically structured to be in.  So it should come as no surprise that I had a really difficult time being consistent with this DVD and with several other DVDs that I have tried at home without anyone to push me.  It was time to get in the studio.

Now luckily I have a good friend who was up for a challenge, so a few weeks ago we meandered into the yoga studio at our local YMCA, ready for something called “Power Yoga”…we weren’t quite sure what we were getting into…

The Verdict

I LOVED IT!  Not in the way you love a massage, or a warm bath, but in a way that makes you dread going because you know it is SO hard, it will challenge you, you will not be able to do most of the poses, and YOU WILL FALL DOWN, but every once in a while you will be able to get your leg in a position you thought was impossible, and then you will feel UNSTOPPABLE.  YES!

I highly recommend trying a yoga class, or two, or three, because not all instructors, or classes are created equal, and somewhere out there, there is a class that will provide a “just-right” challenge for you!

Other than the mental gains I have found from attending this extremely difficult class, I have noticed less pain, I’m sleeping better, and I have more strength in the rest of the week!  Success.  🙂


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